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Let an ActionCFO Advisor Advisor lead a CFO Discovery of your business for an immediate increase in financial visibility and control.

In addition to a thorough financial review of your business, the advisor will implement the powerful Cash Flow Forecaster Tool and the ActionCFO Smart Board.

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Do you know much cash you’ll have next week? What about in 2-4 weeks? You should. The Cash Flow Forecaster Tool will help you anticipate cash flow for the next 3-4 weeks and enable your accounting staff to report this information weekly.

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Do you know whether you will be profitable this month? Next month? You should. Your company’s base daily activities should generate metrics (we call them Smart Numbers) which enable you to anticipate future financial results. Publish these numbers weekly – even daily – on the ActionCFO Smart Board.

The CFO Discovery ends with a comprehensive report and presentation of your financial performance, personnel, and procedures, leaving you with actionable strategies for further increasing your financial visibility and control.

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