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  1. Do you have experience in my industry?
    Probably. Our seasoned advisors have professional experience in and work with clients across most industries, so they bring valuable perspective and can acclimate quickly to the nuances of any organization.
  2. Why do you focus on companies between $2M and $20M in revenue?
    We find that companies of this size begin feeling the need for CFO expertise. Accounting, tracking, and reporting requirements become more complex; cash flow increases in importance relative to revenue growth, bankers/lenders become more involved, and financial analysis and forecasting become increasingly necessary.
  3. Why do you require a controller (or a strong full-charge bookkeeper) to be in place?
    Without a controller, the CFO advisor is pulled into more basic accounting activities and is thus unable to effectively implement the Financial Visibility and Control System.  This costs you more because a higher skill-level person is performing tasks that can – and should – be done by someone less experienced.
  4. Do you work with businesses in turnaround situations, including Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?
    Not typically. Though the Financial Visibility and Control System is effective in turnarounds, these situations are best handled by firms who specialize in them.

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